The magic of retail is in the creation of an enjoyable environment for your shoppers. Yet, tuning your retail formula to the desires of the shopper remains a challenge. What a shopper thinks and feels is at times different from what he does. Because of intense competition and often too tight net margins a small detail can make a big difference in retail. Fortunately, you receive immediate feedback so that you can adjust continuously. Embarking a new course and steering towards a new goal require both conceptual and practical skills. Having a retail formula manual is only relevant once it is applied on the shop floor. Because it is on the shop floor, that the magic happens.


I believe retail marketing is the most beautiful profession one can practise because:

  • The end-goal is making people happy – independent of the product you want to sell
  • Retail is a holistic experience – built on a mix of atmospheric and functional elements
  • Both quick and variable – you only win if you adapt to the environment


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Rijnbrug Advies

Through my consultancy Rijnbrug Advies I work in close association with retailers to fortify their retail brands. I also connect suppliers and retailers by providing them the instruments to build the category together. Rijnbrug Advies belongs to a powerful network that supports retailers and suppliers  achieving sustainable improvements in their categories and (online) stores:

  • Always just a bit better
  • With faith in the future
  • A solution for you without pigeon-holing you into frameworks
  • Building together
  • Sharing knowledge
  • Seeking adventure, that makes your life and your work so more fun
  • Utilise the latest insights and techniques