Shopper marketing scan


The shopper marketing discipline is still young and full of promise. The pressure is high: customers ask for proposals with added value and require you to deliver a vision on the future of the category. An outside perspective can help to gain focus, clarify objectives and set the right priorities.


Shopper marketing scan

With this shopper marketing scan you will obtain insight within a couple of weeks into the bottlenecks that need to be addressed on the short term and the possibilities within your category. Recommendations follow quickly after focus interviews. In addition, it includes a proposed list of priorities and an action plan for the future of the department. Constant has himself held senior roles in shopper marketing, sales and retail. As a result he empathizes quickly and obtains a clear impression of what is happening and what potentially can be achieved. He has conducted scans among others at PepsiCo where he was responsible for more than 45 European country organisations.



  • Accelerate and make the shopper marketing organisation operate more smoothly
  • Adjust shopper marketing to the requirements of management and/or customer



  • Action plan with actionable points for short term
  • Priorities for shopper marketing activities
  • Matrix with new insights and opportunities with the customer
  • Vision on organisation for the long term