My workshops give an impulse to your daily work. Get inspired to new ideas. Two of my workshops which clients love, include:


Workshop shopper marketing

The result of marketing efforts depends on the context in which the shopper takes decisions. Therefore, the profession shopper marketing gains attention. However, despite the fact this discipline is so young there is a Babel-like confusion with terms such as trade marketing and category management.


I bring shopper marketing into historical perspective. I take a vision on the place in the organisation. You find the value of the workshop in the richness of international examples on shopper marketing and the tangible tools to start right-away. Together with the client I consider how contents and shape of the training are adjusted to the objectives of the client. 



  • Provide instruments to actually shape shopper marketing
  • Enlarge understanding & collaboration in internal organisation and between retailer and supplier



  • Inspiration for shopper marketing campaigns
  • Actual start of your own shopper marketing initiatives
  • Insight into evolution of trade marketing



Workshop irrational shopper

We often assume the shopper absorbs all available information and makes the best possible choice in-store. In short, we assume that the shopper is rational. Little by little we have come to realise our own shopping behaviour is not what we would have expected from ourselves – in hindsight.


On the basis of theory from the (neuro) psychology discipline and existing retail examples I improve the insight into irrational shopping behaviour. I give suggestions to communicate better with shoppers. In mutual consultation I tailor the shape and duration of the workshop to the client’s needs.  



  • Increase insight into the manner in which shoppers make choices and obtain preference for brands
  • Get acquainted with the pitfalls in the decision process because of which the shopper thinks and acts less rationally than expected
  • Apply insight into the irrational shopper on challenges in the retail context you are facing now



  • Better understanding human behaviour
  • Framework of behavioural economics concepts
  • Inspiration for (trade) marketing actions
  • Pose better research questions



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