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I share my experiences through among others trainings at the EFMI Business School, workshops and twitter (@brkht). From 1993 I have published on a regular basis in trade magazines such as Clou, FoodAssortiment, FoodPersonality, Innova, Markit, Mix, NieuwsTribune, Sales Management Magazine, StoreCheck Magazine en Tijdschrift voor Marketing. I wrote more than 90 articles in the areas of retail, shopper marketing and insights. Below you find some of the topics I have published on:


- Effectiveness business-to-business marketing

- Information technology in consumer marketing

- Effectiveness business-to-business advertising

- Category management & ECR: Importance, definition, history, latest developments

- Innovation through consumer insights

- Overcoming cultural differences in organisations

- Loyalty card strategy and best practices

- Success factors private label and response by A-brands

- Sales management strategies

- Shopper marketing: Definition and best practices

- Growth drivers in DIY industry

- The myth of impulse purchasing

- Neuro research and neuro marketing best practices

- Unconscious and irrational shopping behaviour

- Success factors and future of hypermarkets in Europa

- Perspectives Carrefour Planet

- Chances of success of online food shopping

- Effect of self-scanning on shopper and store

- Implementing big data in retail effectively

- Creating and managing local assortment

- Effect of music and scents on shopper behaviour in retail and out-of-home channels



FoodPersonality is a leading magazine for the Dutch supermarket industry. As content contributor I deliver my vision on retail on the basis of thorough research. With permission of FoodPersonality you may download one of my articles below. More information can be found on

Below you may download one of my articles for free. FoodPersonality issue from October 2012: “What will suppliers use the loyalty card of Albert Heijn for?”.



StoreCheck Magazine

Belgium’s most appealing food retail magazine is StoreCheck Magazine. On a regular basis I discuss developments in category management and retail. With permission of StoreCheck Magazine you may download one of my articles below. More information can be found on

Below you may download one of my articles for free. StoreCheck Magazine issue from December 2012: “Online category management, the impact of e-commerce?”.