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Read the latest about retail marketing and shopper behaviour in my book “Retail Marketing Strategy, Delivering Shopper Delight”.


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Five proficiencies of successful retailers

“Retail Marketing Strategy, Delivering Shopper Delight” discusses the five proficiencies that each retailer should master to become successful:

  • In-store execution
  • Organisational development
  • Making decisions in a more fact-driven manner
  • Operating in several channels at the same time
  • The skill-set to deeply understand shoppers


My professional mission is to make shoppers happier. After reading “Retail Marketing Strategy, Delivering Shopper Delight” you will have developed in-depth understanding of the needs and behaviour of shoppers. The book helps you to become more shopper-driven and to work in a more fact-based manner. As the book contains many case studies and offers many practical suggestions you feel inspired for your further work.


Relevant scientific research is included and in the book I discuss the latest academic papers for the challenges in retail. The combination of academic learnings and my own validation in practice helped me to develop new retail and shopper marketing models such as an assortment life cycle model and a tool for integrating behavioural insights into shopper journeys.


The book is the result of my quest to understand shoppers better. I am happy to share my experiences with retail and shopper marketing enthusiasts around the world so that shoppers become happier and retail strategies more effective.


Answers to retail challenges

“Retail Marketing Strategy, Delivering Shopper Delight” presents models and a better comprehension across a range of retail challenges:

  • How can retailers create an assortment that is large enough to generate a feeling of control but avoids choice stress with shoppers?
  • What are the effects of music and ambient scents on shopping behaviour?
  • What makes grocery shopping lag behind in online sales versus other retail sectors?
  • How can retailers convince shoppers to adopt new shopping habits?
  • How can suppliers more effectively sell-in products and ideas to their customer retailers?
  • How can suppliers and retailers use their investment in loyalty card data to create success?
  • What is the difference between trade marketing and shopper marketing?


Here is what others said about “Retail Marketing Strategy, Delivering Shopper Delight” 


“Constant has written a book that will be indispensable to both in-retail professionals at all levels but also to their suppliers…Constant is very well informed and has used his experience well. He has impressive and well documented references that underscore his conclusions. There is an admirable wealth of detail from a range of industries and from many continents. His book is full of engaging and modestly expressed insights… It is also an admirable primer for the eager business studies students in the world’s universities.”   

Andrew Seth, former CEO of Lever Brothers and co-author of The Grocers


“In this eminently readable book, Berkhout skilfully combines academic research and his own vast experience in retail marketing to provide a wealth of actionable insights for retail marketers. Retail marketers should heed his call to augment intuition with data to make fact-driven decisions.”

Jan-Benedict E.M. Steenkamp, Massey Distinguished Professor of Marketing and Marketing Area Chairman, Kenan-Flagler Business School, UNC-Chapel Hill, USA


 “Retail Marketing Strategy by Constant Berkhout is a great handbook for many of the marketing professionals in the industry. It clearly outlines what strategies can be applied by retailers and manufacturers to make their shoppers happy, a concept that is often overlooked in the marketing mix. The passion of the author and his practical experience in retail marketing and shopper insights truly make this an invaluable read.”

Marc Schroeder, SVP Global Nutrition, PepsiCo

 Drawing on both academic research and his own extensive experience Constant has succeeded in demystifying the science of category management by focusing on the art of making shoppers happy.”

Tobias Wasmuht, Retail and Marketing Director, SPAR International


“Shopper marketing and category management made very accessible with a clear guide that is well underpinned through numerous illustrations and experiments, both from literature as from the author’s wide own experience.

Recommended reading for the category manager, the buyer, the store layout responsibles and the supplier to change their focus to putting the shopper in the centre. I particularly enjoyed the suggestion to move from gut feel to fact based decision making, and this from (easy) pilots and experiments to (more advanced) big data analyses.”

Jeroen Van de Broek, Director Category Development, Maxeda DIY Group


“Constant does a great job dispelling many myths that exist around shopping behavior that everyone assumes are fact.  The book comes to life with many real world examples from across retailer and categories that can be easily applied to our own business, whether you are a retailer or a manufacturer.  It gets your mind thinking about what could I or my company do differently to influence the shopper and drive better results.”

Bob Nolan, Senior Vice President Insights & Analytics, ConAgra Foods


“I agree with the author that “retailers are not particularly known for their love of making decisions based on facts and figures”, and I know this book can change that! Constant explains why and how to operate in multiple channels and to consider the emotional and experiential needs of consumers (who are not as rational and price-driven as retailers think they are). Important scientific studies and principles are illustrated with excellent examples from Constant’s extensive retail experience. This book enables retailers to make data-driven decisions and thus catch up, and even surpass the current leaders in their field.”

Koen Pauwels, Professor of Marketing at Ozyegin University and Honorary Professor at University of Groningen


“An accessible must-read for every professional in food and non-food retail, and everybody that wants to gain in-depth contemporary understanding of shopper behaviour. This book will provide all the needed insights to serve customers even better, create more shopper happiness and thus sell more, leading to a better and improved business tomorrow!”

Hans van der Heyden, Vice President, GrandVision




Retail Marketing Strategy, Delivering Shopper Delight” is available at and other book sellers. Should you like to receive an outline of the book, please get in touch with me through the contact form.


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